Drug Free Divide is a group of community members who are working to keep youth from accessing, using and abusing alcohol and drugs. Our group consists of school staff, parents, youth, and people from local businesses. As well as members from non profits, health and other community agencies. 

What we do
  • We provide information to parents, youth and our community so that we all better understand and can decrease alcohol and drug access by youth and prevent the negative consequences of underage drinking and drug use
Why we are doing this
  • Children and youth – as is true for adults – face everyday stressors that make them more vulnerable to alcohol and drug experimentation
  • We know that youth become addicted to alcohol and drugs much more quickly than adults do, and our hope is that this information will help youth and adults make choices to keep youth healthy and safe
  • Kids and youth who drink put themselves at risk for other problems, including teen pregnancy, violence and school failure to name a few.
  • We want youth to have as many opportunities for success as possible and not get sidetracked with alcohol and drugs
  • We want to provide information and support to all families so that youth either never experiment with alcohol or drugs, or at the very least delay any alcohol use until adulthood
We’re working in a variety of ways to accomplish our goals. For instance, we…

…provide prevention education

  • We conduct surveys to understand what our community thinks about the causes and effects of underage drinking, and then develop information and activities that address their concerns
  • We work with youth in and out of schools so they know the risks of underage drinking and learn healthy ways to cope with stress
  • We identify and train youth advocates to become peer educators, who help to educate and influence other youth to avoid alcohol and drugs
  • We celebrate and promote Red Ribbon Week, which is a national anti-drug campaign that happens the last week in October, as a way of shedding light on a serious issue of drug use and abuse
  • We support youth in their effort to influence long-standing community perceptions about alcohol and drug use
How to Reach Us:

6540 Wentworth Springs Road
Georgetown, CA, 95634

Lucy Oliveira
Community Coordinator
[email protected]

Kim Taylor
Youth Coordinator
[email protected]

Carolyn Barla
Drug Free Divide Youth Coordinator
BOMUSD Service Learning Coordinator
GSHS Tobacco Prevention Coordinator
[email protected]